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Richard DiGiacomo

Step into a realm of artistic innovation and breathtaking coloration with the incredible works from Richard DiGiacomo.

Richard is renowned for his revolutionary approach to coloration, earning him a place among the top 5% in his field nationwide. 

When he moved to Maui he started delving into the mesmerizing world of reflective metal fused art. 

His technique involves the intricate grinding of aluminum panels, a rich infusion of vibrant color, and a fusion of various methods that breathe life into his creations. 

“We have admired Richard’s artwork and him as a man for around 20 years. We feel honored to have 5 of his pieces in our home. His love and outlook of life flows through him with the freedom seen in his work. He keeps evolving so now we want more!!!”

– Diane Z.

“Richard is a talented artist whose work graces our Maui home. He not only is creative, with an unerring eye for color, he is also a caring and generous soul. His work can be found in galleries across the nation, and, if you are lucky, you, too, may own one of his pieces in the future!”

– Janice R.

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Wailuku, HI



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