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About the Artist

 Richard DiGiacomo, of Russian and Italian descent, is an accomplished artist who is known for his innovative approach to coloration.  As a master of his craft, Richard has been nationally rated in the top 5% in his field for his coloration techniques. For more than 35 years, he has worked with celebrities, noted interior designers and leading institutions. His work has earned numerous awards of excellence, has been displayed regularly on television and has been featured on radio. Transplanted to Maui, Hawaii in 2010, Richard was ascended to a new level of artistic ability with his newly-created metal fused art.  Created by the etching of aluminum panels and color, and fused with various techniques, his technique calls for many coats of clear seals, applied to create depth and movement.

  “I have an exhilarating passion to fuse color and creativity onto metal panels. That comes from my compassion to impact lives with new vision, motivation and inspiration. In decades of working with men and women, who have faced difficulty in life, find spiritual strength, I’ve learned to impart beauty, amazement and joy to the recipient, creating a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. That can change lives.  My sole accomplishment and reward for my work, he explains, is to see the smiling faces reflecting back from my work and having the privilege to know that I’ve added joy and inspiration to a human life." - Richard DiGiacomo